Bucerius CLP contributes to the recently published book “New Directions in Legal Services"

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We are looking for B2B start-ups with a legal focus!

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… Joanna Goodman, Journalist and Author and speaker at the 7th Autumn Conference of the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession on 17 November 2017 in...

Bucerius CLP announces key theme for this year's autumn conference

Strengthening the position of Legal Tech in the legal market

3 questions for Adam Shutkever, Chief Operating Officer, Riverview Law

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Bucerius CLP announces Program of its Autumn Conference on Managing Complexity - Legal Function 4.0"

Opportunities for lawyers! Bucerius CLP launches legal tech & innovation cluster.

Bucerius CLP increases its focus on legal technology & innovation

Legal Technology will push law firms to consider new business models – IT skills will become more and more important for lawyers.

In order to establish a theory, one needs to put it to the test: Results from a survey by the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession and the...

In the perfect frame of mind at the 5th Autumn Conference of Bucerius CLP – “Spiegel” reports on PSYWARE boss Dirk Gratzel.

In the run up to the 5th Autumn Conference of Bucerius CLP, the “Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel” asks Markus Hartung five questions.

In the future, redundant yet labor-intensive tasks will be performed nearly exclusively by machines. However, the legal assessment and weighing of...

Oliver Campbell does not believe that lawyers will become extinct in ten years. Nevertheless, he does believe that some of their work will be taken...

According to Kai Jacob, arriving at the point where the collaboration between man and machine is as efficient as possible is the great art in the...

Today’s BigLaw associates not only have to contend with the outsourcing of legal work but will also, it appears, have to compete with artificial...