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ESCRIBA AG, a Berlin-based software and consulting company, is the provider and operator of the ECAP (Enterprise Compliance and Agility Platform). ESCRIBA AG has developed this platform together with in-house lawyers in order to give legal departments and law firms a competitive edge in digitisation.

The heart of the platform is ESCRIBA, currently the most powerful contract lifecycle management tool on the market.

This allows the process of contract creation to be 100% legally certain and compliant. The complete two-sided data connection to all common backend systems ensures significant efficiency and quality gains in contract creation and execution. Other applications that are available on ECAP are based on powerful matter management and numerous corporate housekeeping processes. Today, more than 120 predominantly DAX and MDAX companies in over 100 countries use ESCRIBA, creating more than 3 million contracts and documents every year.

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inserve was founded in 2015 by IT entrepreneur Arvin Arora and lawyer Jörg Offenhausen in Hanover, Germany.

inserve is a legal tech company that specializes in the evaluation and structuring of information in documents using AI technologies. With our team of data scientists and software developers, we have developed a platform with which heterogeneous and complex document stocks of any size can be analysed, structured and processed quickly and precisely.

In the area of law firm management, we optimize the processing of large case volumes by automating individual process steps. This can be the creation of files or the filing of incoming documents in the law firm management system (Legal Input Management). With this solution we are successful in various legal fields. Initially, we specialized in the areas of antitrust damages and insolvency proceedings. In the area of antitrust law, we handle data for the preparation of transaction lists for economic experts and lawyers. For insolvency administrators, we can automate the compilation of creditor rescission files.

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UnitedLex ( is one of the world’s leading  enterprise legal services providers driving transformation throughout the entire legal ecosystem.

Since 2006, we have pioneered and implemented new business models and digitally powered solutions that our clients—major corporations, law firms, and universities around the world—need to sustain a competitive advantage and drive significant economic value. More than 2,700 attorneys, engineers, and consultants across four continents deliver business impact resulting in risk mitigation, efficiency improvements, and cost optimization for clients around the world.

We combine management consulting, process improvement, best-in-class training, and cutting-edge technology with legal expertise in the areas of Enterprise Legal Transformation, Law Department Consulting, Corporate & Commercial Solutions, Litigation & Regulatory Services, Intellectual Property Services, and Financial Documentation Services. We fuse our legal pedigree with business pragmatism and an overriding focus on our clients. We think holistically: We guide, design, implement, and financially commit to the innovative strategies and solutions we provide.

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DATEV is your provider for software, knowledge databases, and IT regarding all legal activities. From case management to a law firm's office management; from business management to IT and security solutions - you definitely benefit from DATEV's Offer for Lawyers with more efficiency, know-how, and security; digitally, in the cloud, or supported by LegalTech.

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Kinney Recruiting offers executive search and placement services for law firms and corporate legal departments.

Branches on three continents and an international network allow us to regularly fill worldwide vacancies to the satisfaction of our clients.  We have placed over 1,200 lawyers worldwide.  Take advantage of our experience!

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LOD is your partner for the intelligent support of your legal department through Flexible Legal Resources.

With ten locations in seven countries and a pool of more than 650 self-employed business lawyers and consultants worldwide, LOD helps companies and law firms manage their legal advisory capacity flexibly and efficiently.

Grow your legal capacity!

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